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Bridges to Learning is an educational therapy private practice specializing in mindful, multisensory, and therapeutic instruction for reading, writing, spelling, math & organizational skills.

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Rebecca graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in Education and continued on to get her M.Ed. and Certificate in Educational Therapy at Holy Names University.  She worked in Bay Area private schools for 8 years before opening her private practice. Her office is now located in Menlo Park, CA.

Rebecca's practice is based on embracing each child as a whole and customizing an approach that will enable him or her to thrive. Rebecca is trained in the Slingerland Approach, Lindamood-Bell, Fundations, and various research-based fluency programs.  In addition, Rebecca brings a mindfulness practice to her work, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety in her students.  Lastly, her dog, Stanley, is a Certified Therapy Dog and can be an active participant in her practice.

Rebecca recently published a children's book called Meet Stanley: The Reading Dog.


"Rebecca brought my son up to grade level and above in reading in just a few months. Rebecca always had a clear plan for moving forward and for measuring progress. Plus, my son absolutely loved going to see her and always came out with a big smile on his face! He was so proud of himself and he loved working with Stanley the reading dog!" -C.C.

"Rebecca’s teaching methods have had a tremendous impact on my daughter's reading ability.  Previously my daughter was reading below grade level and was very reluctant to read. After Rebecca’s input my daughter now enjoys reading, is able to read at grade level and her experience at school has been transformed as as result of this. I am absolutely thrilled in what Rebecca has achieved!" -L.D. 

"Rebecca is a true Educational Therapist. When working with a student, she gets to the underlying source of academic challenge. She uses researched and proven methods to provide effective skills and strategies for her students. Rebecca also takes care of the whole child, instilling a sense of self-confidence and self-competence which in turn, creates a more independent and successful learner." -K.C.

"Our experience with Rebecca was superb.  She helped my daughter gain confidence in her reading and created a partnership with me so that I could support her efforts at home and share the feedback from her sessions with my child and with her teachers at school.   In our time with Rebecca we not only saw the "boost" that we were looking for, but also saw our child develop an intrinsic interest in reading alongside her new found confidence." -S.S.  

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Meet Stanley The Reading Dog

Meet Stanley: The Reading Dog by Rebecca Barker Bridges, is a children’s book about Stanley, a golden retriever and certified therapy dog who helps children read. Read about Stanley’s many San Francisco adventures and see Stanley in his many roles.

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How Educational Therapy Can Help

The need for educational therapy may be identified in a number of ways.

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Slingerland Multisensory approach

The Slingerland® Approach teaches oral and written language skills to all types of learners, especially those with dyslexia.

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Puppy Dog Tales

Through the Puppy Dog Tales Reading (PDT) Program,  we promote literacy in at-risk youth populations and work closely with school and library staff to stimulate a love of reading in children.

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Mindful Schools

Mindfulness benefits students in several notable ways, including decreasing distress, enhancing positive emotions and improving certain attentional skills.

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